Galarm is a tool to popup an alarm message (using libnotify) after a given time.
The program is intended to run on all Unices, but is tested on GNU/Linux only.
The license is GPL-2.


The main design goal was to create a small and fast starting CLI tool which doesn't require any configuration.
Instead you just start the tool with as few characters as possible.

Usage Examples

popup after 5 minutes:

# ga 5

…or with a message:

# ga 5m tea is ready

…or at a fixed time:

# ga @12 dont forget the call

You can also pause/resume or cancel the alarms.


galarm requires the following libraries:

…and of course a running notification-daemon1 to show popups


notification window of xfce4-notifyd statusicon tooltip menu of statusicon Fork me on GitHub

1 KNotify for KDE; xfce4-notify (recommended) or notification-daemon-xfce for Xfce